3 Dec 2020

How Colour impacts Ambience

Without a doubt, we are spending more and more time inside. And now in this strange season of Covid-19, we really start to notice the impact of pleasant environments on our moods and well-being. Now imagine your favourite spot to chill, catch up with mates or get your daily caffeine fix. What makes that space so inviting, homey, exciting, and most of all, connected? Now compare that to a poorly lit uncomfortable place which makes your skin crawl. What do you notice?

The ambience is everything! 

Having the right mood and atmosphere makes a lasting impression on people and leaves them longing to visit again. This is where colour makes a dazzling entrance. What can colours do? Well, colours change perspective, influence behaviour, and impact how people interact with space and its messaging. 

Colours can alter our perceptions of a space, making it feel wider, taller, more intimate, visually striking or draw our eyes to a particular element. Darker and cool colours make rooms appear smaller, while lighter colours can make space looks larger and calming. As a result, it alters our moods, evokes happiness, incites passion, breathes serenity and even makes or breaks a business.

Colours can also increase business returns.

Studies have repeatedly shown the choice and arrangement of colour can improve productivity and sales. Large offices frequently rely on cool colours to create a peaceful atmosphere and the impression that time passes more quickly. On the other hand, creative jobs opt for vibrant yellows and greens that stimulates the mind and flourish collaboration. When it comes to prospective buyers and boosting sales, what do businesses want to achieve? The right colour scheme will create an atmosphere that accentuates brand, services and simply let the customers spread the word.

Here at Pico,

we work closely with clients on a variety of commercial interior design projects, from colour consultation to full concept development for new builds and refurbishments. We can help you to translate your ideas into bespoke solutions to realise your business goals. Whether you have a clear vision, want a subtle change or not sure where to begin, we are always open for a chat. So, don’t be shy and say hi.

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