19 Jan 2021

How e-learning video making can contribute to uplifting organisation-wide capability

"A Business is only as good as it's employees"

- a few sage words of advice that every business owner and manager has come across in some form or another during their career. An investment in your team resources is an investment in your business as a whole. But how do take their capabilities from good to great? While there may not a singular overnight solution to this, we do believe that like anything, the key to growth and improvement is through constant training and learning.

According to information gathered by LinkedIn in their 2020 Workforce Learning Report, “51% of L&D pros plan to launch upskilling programs, and 43% of L&D pros plan to launch reskilling programs” – and with good reason! The digital advances and resources available today make this important goal more achievable than ever before.

Consider that, unlike traditionally scheduled conferences and workshops that take up entire workdays, e-learning modules offer flexibility of place and time. No expensive function halls and runsheets that go unfollowed – save yourself the budget and headaches! The very nature of e-learning resources means that they can be viewed by any employee from almost anywhere via a laptop or smartphone, whether you’re at the office or working from home. More and more people are learning whilst on their commute – on a bus, train or ferry. There’s the choice to pause and rewind videos as needed, and they can be watched as often as required, taking away unnecessary pressure and making it an ideal tool for a broad range of learning capacities.

Training concepts can be broken down into manageable short videos where everything from the set to the script is thought out, creating the most impact in a time-efficient manner. This process also makes it easy to customise and fit within your business’ brand and values. Your team can then easily fit these micro modules into their workday without compromising on productivity or intruding on their personal time, making for a much more efficient environment. Applications like EdApp (edapp.com) are being more widely adopted for micro-learning through a smartphone.

Pro tip: make the most of your e-learning video resources by pairing them with additional elements such as interactive quizzes or motion graphics and animations. This not only makes for a more interesting learning experience, but also encourages stronger information retention.

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