19 Jul 2021

Ready, Set, SEO!

An interview with Get More Traffic

We interviewed Sam Herde, from Get More Traffic, and he’s got the answers to all your big questions about search engine optimisation.

The weather outside might be cooling off, but we’ve got some fresh hot topics on the blog this week at Pico Creative! We interviewed Sam Herde from Get More Traffic - another one of our partners in digital expertise – and he’s got the answers to all your big questions about search engine optimisation (SEO). If you don’t know what that means or have been wanting to take your SEO to the next level, read on and get in touch!  

Can you briefly tell us a bit about Get More Traffic?

Get More Traffic started in 2008, and from day one has been focussed on helping small to medium businesses realise the benefits of digital marketing. Our core values are all about integrity and achieving results, not just for ourselves but especially for our client businesses. After all, every business starts out small – so we know the struggles and experiences of our clients firsthand. 

We provide a myriad of digital marketing services aimed to help our SME clients, like social media advertising, Google and Microsoft advertising, website building and design, and – of course – SEO. 

SEO is one of those terms that’s getting thrown around a lot; what exactly does search engine optimisation do, and what are some of the key things people need to understand about SEO if they are still new to or unfamiliar with the concept?  

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the technical process of optimising the many aspects of your website to improve its ranking on search engines, like Google and Bing. 

SEO is a longer-term process than other forms of digital advertising – typically taking months or years to achieve optimal results - but it is a sustainable form of marketing that yields cheaper, consistent ongoing success and brand awareness. Rather than paying for your website visitors, SEO allows these users to find you first, free of charge! 

Website development sites like Wix and SquareSpace make it seem like SEO is as easy as filling in a few extras boxes when you are building your webpage, but in fact it is a lot more than this. Effective SEO requires both on-site and off-site technical work like Schema markup, link building, and meta descriptions and title optimisation, to name a few.

Why is it beneficial for smaller businesses competing against larger companies to include an SEO component in their digital marketing plan?

On search engines, the most successful businesses and websites are the ones that speak the loudest. Search engine algorithms favour websites that have a level of authority and legitimacy, as well as being able to answer the questions and searches of the search engine’s users. The more information your website has to offer, and the more legitimacy and trust people and search engines have in your brand, the more optimised your website will be. 

Because our SME clients are competing against larger brands, a decked-out website that is efficient and easy for search engines to read, and answers the queries of searchers, is essential. SEO is a long game, but with the right techniques employed and the foundations of a good website, any small business can compete on the first page of Google and Bing alongside brand giants. 

How is SEO relevant in the current digital environment? And how do you know what level of SEO your business needs?

Today, every company no matter its size has a website and social media touchpoints.  The competition on search engines is growing exponentially and it is easy to be lost in the crowd. In order to be seen and for your brand to be heard, search engine optimisation is a must. 

It is a dog-eat-dog world on Google and Bing, so ensuring that you have the best level of SEO is the only real strategy for long-term success. Get More Traffic has been lucky enough to work alongside these search engines for over a decade, and we have been able to change and grow when they have. Our SEO services ensure that the best practice on-site and off-site technical work is completed to see our client’s websites and businesses fly to the top of any search engine results page.  

Get More Traffic’s partnership with Pico Creative ensures that all SEO aspects are holistically considered in the digital marketing process, from conception and execution to daily usage, preventing stagnancy. Our combined services ensures that your website and brand will not only look fresh and easy to use but will also be a consistent driving asset in building up your business for the long haul.

Want to find out more? Feel free to drop us a line at info@picocreative.com.au

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