26 Feb 2021

Micro-learning miniblog series

Part Four

Interview with Gavin Nelson, founder of MicroGo & EdApp partner

Welcome to Part Four of our micro-learning miniblog series!

We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Gavin Nelson from MicroGo and have a chat about his journey with micro-learning. What we learned inspired us to share the important discussion points from our conversation as bite-sized blog entries, which we’ll be sharing on the Pico Creative blog.

Previously we talked about what the big advantages of microlearning are – read the entry here if you haven’t already!


Stay tuned for our final miniblog entry

Are there any new developments EdApp is working on that we should be anticipating for the near future? 

One I’d like to talk about is the educational initiative, which is essentially a sharing of learning content. It’s developed for third-world countries that don’t have access to the education of others – so it’s a philanthropic initiative, but it also really brings you to think, what can we share amongst ourselves? Like Covid updates or working from home and leading your remote team. If there’s best in class content, then we can benefit from that and share what we’re specialists at. It’s a community approach to learning, and I think EdApp are doing some great work there. They continually enhance templates, and as EdApp’s client base is growing, they’re able to share a lot of learnings and best practices, and they’ve got one of the best support tool infrastructures in the market to support that.

And the other area I’d love to touch upon is the partnership with Pico Creative, and how powerful content is. There used to be the visual/audio/kinesthetic type distinction between learning, but you really need to be using all your senses to get the best effect. The partnership with Pico includes imagery and video, which is incredibly important to actually get content from a subject matter expert and pick up the nuances of what they’re saying. And then infographics is a great way to explain a really complex concept. For example, when I was involved in the launch of the new payments platform in Australia, which is all the banks coming together so we can now receive money in real time. To try and explain that in a document – you can do a video but it probably wouldn’t be the most exciting video. An infographic could just tell a story in a very succinct way, covering an hour of content in minutes. Pico Creative are helping us create the right medium for the right concept, so it’s a great partnership.

Video : Pm-partners' Cultural Intelligence course video production

As our micro-learning discussion is coming to a close, are there any final thoughts you'd like to leave us with?

My biggest learning from going through this journey as a customer myself, was the upskilling. For the implementation of a solution like this, I think it’s really important to get the right help to get up and running and understand that it’s probably going to take you 3-4 weeks to feel confident. With the right support, you really can become your own expert, and be involved in this world of microlearning. So seek help, invest time in understanding and learning, and play with the design of your modules.

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