Our strength is in distilling your brand DNA and building a strong creative message that will engage your customers. Our team at Picocreative will provide conceptual design that fits your needs and adds value to your brand.

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  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Development
  • Campaign Planning

Our Website and Video Production Branding Agency Offers You a One-Stop Service

Our branding agency innovators write, and film inspired scripts. We also create motion graphics for our clients in various business entities such as the medical profession, education sector, fitness industry, and non-profits. Let us help you to build your brand identity.

The Importance of Hiring Our Branding Agency in Sydney

Establish a significant, distinct marketplace presence to attract and retain dedicated customers or supporters. Hire our agency to generate a unique image, logo, name, and marketing campaign for your company or organisation.

• Branding fundamentally defines your product or service and develops the significance of what your promotional effort brings to the attention of potential customers.
• Portray your establishment how you want people to see it. Drive brand awareness, business recognition, increase trust, and generate new customers. Our brand consultant in Sydney provides brand guidelines and helps you develop and update how you promote and expand your business to make it more lucrative.
• We provide you with an outside perspective, fresh, neutral outlook, innovative ideas and make space for new strategic possibilities. Our team has the up-to-date knowledge, marketing tools, software, and insight to attain the best outcome based on your business objectives, culture, and vision.
• We work with a range of industries. Let us give you a fresh perspective regarding the area you operate in, based on experience and in-depth research. We evaluate the competitive environment impartially to advise you on an approach that will breathe life into your campaign.
• Our brand design agency offers a strategic approach, original designs that suit your requirements, builds strong imaginative messages that engage customers and adds significant value to your trade name. We will create your digital newsletter, design and develop your web and e-commerce site, and expand your social media presence.
• Your market is constantly evolving. Promote your business correctly with our know-how, reach the right people, stay up-to-date and ahead of the commercial environment curve.

We will help you stand out from your competitors by uniquely informing consumers of your services through our use of tone, visuals, and various design components.

Can You Customise Your Order for Building Brand Identity in Sydney?

We offer a choice of services - appropriate to all advertising spaces and media - you can use to shape your branding in Sydney. We work in different styles, mediums, and arenas to give you several options.

• Our photographers do fashion, product, sports, portrait, fine art, and architectural shoots, to name a few. Research has shown that photographs, videos, and graphics increase the probability that consumers will act. Great visuals persuade people to engage with your organisation or company.
• Our professional photographs and motion graphics set the tone for your business and show possible clients that you provide a quality service or product, which grows your brand. Architects and interior designers, for instance, display what they create by placing examples of their work on their websites and in other marketing materials. Ecommerce sites depend on pictures of their products to show buyers the digital and tangible goods or online services they supply.
• Real estate, public relations, hospitality, and travel agencies, healthcare services and financial institutions, to name a few, invest in video marketing. It is not enough to furnish information on what you provide. Videos add a human touch when you introduce your audience to a product. Our brand agency in Sydney does video production, providing an opportunity to exhibit your brand digitally and gain valuable attention.
• We also afford commercial interior and space concept design - the initial outline of what a space can look and feel like and how it would operate – to give a project team an idea of what they need to achieve during a process. We explore the layout and how objects, different areas, and people will fit inside.

Get in touch whether you need us to create your signage, brand identity, content, website, social media presence, or marketing campaign. Don’t forget to follow our blog for the latest industry trends and insights.

Why Trust Pico Creative As Your Brand Design Agency in Sydney?

Our creative team has background and experience in graphic, digital, spatial, and interior design, illustration, branding, motion graphics, film making, script, and copywriting.

• Together with our account manager, your assigned designer will get to know and collaborate with you to ascertain what you require.
• We cater to your individual needs when we create and launch or rebrand your business. We innovate, plan, evaluate, and manage our clients’ strategies and provide advertising and promotion support.
• Your dedicated project manager defines your identity, learns about your core values and mission becomes familiar with your goals, identifies your target audience’s interests and needs, and researches your market and competition.

Contact us with your enquiries and allow us to brand your company name or product effectively.

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