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Online learning is fast replacing traditional teaching methods, and with our e-learning video production, you won’t be left behind. Discover more here.

  • Micro-learning video production
  • Promotional video production
  • e-Learning content creation
  • Motion graphics
  • Photography
  • Space concept design
  • Signage design to production

The Future of Training is Online, Be Part of the Evolution With Our E-learning Video Production Work

Whether you’re an established institution that needs to adapt to the times or a start-up training provider who wants to make a stellar impression to win clients, our e-learning video production services will take your online teaching platform to the next level.

Problems Pico Creative Addresses Regarding E-learning Content Creation

As technology advances, so does the learning landscape. The traditional classroom environment is adjusting to newer teaching methods and must be managed, so both instructor and learner are receptive to this change.

  • Resistance to change: Online teaching can add to the struggle of getting used to this new way of learning if the platform is complicated to navigate. The microlearning video we produce for e-learning programmes is user-friendly for online course developers who upload or embed it.
  • Interactivity: Our staff compliment includes the experience of a talented filmmaker who’s able to create engaging video footage. We also keep the online learning environment a two-way process with the incorporation of quizzes to monitor learners' comprehension. We recognise that these elements of e-learning are what will take your content from boring to banging!
  • Certificates: When we create content for your e-learning platform, we consider the administration that goes on before and after the actual training takes place. We include the functionality of generating certificates upon successful completion of the course, which makes the platform an all-inclusive service to your clients.

Related Services We Provide Besides Microlearning Video

Having started as a printing business seven years ago, we are skilled in graphic arts and grab potential customers' attention. Our creative experience incorporates the following design disciplines:

  • Branding and graphic design: We design logos and develop corporate identities consistent with the business values of the clients we serve as part of building their brand. We introduce your business to the world professionally, so your product or service offering is unmistakable.
  • Content Creation: These days, having a website is part of most business’s marketing mix. The challenge is to create content that impacts viewers, so your brand stands out amongst your competitors. We have a portfolio of websites of distinction and look forward to elevating your business prospects through this powerful medium.
  • Printing and signage: No matter the type of business you’re in, we cater to your printing requirements, whether small or large scale. We ensure that these are in line with your branding to create visibility and sustain public awareness for your signage needs.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Pico Creative

At Pico Creative, we create catchy, informative, and inspiring content to pique the interest of the market you wish to attract. We recognise the importance of communicating to your target audience consistently and simply across all media. This approach will ensure that potential clients are inclined to your service or product because your content is convincing and your call to action, clear.

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