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We're an innovative creative agency in Sydney.
Pico Creative provide end to end solutions from design concept to execution.
We are passionate about storytelling. 

Our Team


Creative Director

With a strong background in graphic design, branding and interior design – not to mention over 15 years’ experience as a Creative Director – Julie is our fearless leader with an eye for aesthetics and a passion for perfection. As the founder of Pico Creative, she keeps the studio running smoothly and is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting projects and design concepts. Her extensive professional experience makes her a fountain of knowledge that her team and clients can rely on. If you’re in the local area, you’ll probably run into Julie on sunny weekends, swimming at the beach with her family or dining at one of her favourite restaurants.


Web & Motion Graphic Designer

Annie is a digital designer, illustrator, and all-around creative problem solver. Other areas she dabbles in include animation, writing, and cooking. She is passionate about mental health advocacy, enjoys knitting in her spare time, and is exceptionally keen to talk about her greyhound. At Pico Creative, Annie wears many hats, applying her knowledge and expertise to our web designs and bringing beautiful motion graphics to life.


Motion Graphic  Designer 

Lawrence is one of the filmmakers and motion graphics designers at Pico Creative. A Sydneysider born and bred; hdeveloped a keen eye for framing the beautiful, unique landscape that surrounded himHe is passionate about creating visual pieces and hopes that his work inspires viewers to explore nature and better understand the world around them. At Pico Creative, Lawrence lends his talents to the filming and editing of our in-house footage.



Ethan is a photographer, filmmaker, explorer and overall creative individual who is exploring his identity as an artist outside of the busy social media scene. Growing up in Sydney – arguably home to some of the world’s most amazing landscapes – and having the privilege of travelling the world has instilled a lifelong passion for capturing and documenting moments. Ethan hopes that his work inspires others to explore and live life in nature, like he does whenever possible! Ethan is responsible for capturing and editing all photography and video footage for Pico Creative.


Social Media Expert & Copywriter

Jialing is a multidisciplinary designer with experience across copywriting, graphics, and spatial design. This has given her a strong appreciation for the creative process and a passion for seeing her projects come to life. She is also a Harry Potter enthusiast and functioning foodaholic who potentially posts too many food pics on Instagram. Jialing helps out as part of Pico Creative’s marketing team, keeping the blog and social media platforms up to date with our latest news and projects.


Client Account Manager

As our account manager, Bradley liaises with our clients, taking the time to get to know them and cater to their individual needs. In his spare time, he likes to dabble in nature photography and hang out at the beach. Outside of work, he is passionate about travel and exploration, and you can often find him ordering new records for his vinyl collection or enjoying video games with his friends. Bradley’s background in digital marketing makes him a practised problem-solver, guaranteeing that each client is presented with a solution that is just right for their business.


Web & Graphic Designer

Danim is our wonderfully talented in-house graphic designer and illustratorShe studied Visual Communication Design in South Korea and has lived in Asia, South Africa, and Australia – experiences that shaped her life and taught her to grow as both a person and a designer. Her love for collecting images, memories and drawings informs her design knowledge and gives her a strong creative library to draw upon. At Pico Creative, the thing that excites Danim the most is the experience of bringing a client’s thoughts and visions to life.  

Design Agency Sydney

Take Your Business to the Next Level With a Design Agency in Sydney

Is your company in need of a design overhaul? Turning to a design agency in Sydney is excellent for assistance in transforming your business for the better. Reinvent your brand with Pico Creative, a company that has the experience and know-how to do so.

What to Know About Selecting Design Companies in Sydney

Choosing the most suitable design company for your business needs is critical; the kind of service you can expect from them is essential. Here’s what you should know first:

● The design company you choose should flawlessly execute your design vision no matter what platform it's on. Although they should be advising you on feasible plans and            designs, they should still respect your ideas and work with you instead of against you. Pay attention to if they listen to your needs or only try to sell you theirs.
● When looking for a suitable company to handle your design needs, the most simple and effective way to see the work they would deliver is by looking at their website. It              should give your insight into what they deem quality design and whether their ideas match yours. While you're at it, ask for references to other designs they have worked on  to get a good look at those too.
● Tech knowledge plays a prominent part in the quality of work a design company delivers. Finding out specific factors will help to establish whether the company will provide      exceptional work or not. Included in the questions to ask them are details about their expertise with responsive web design, ongoing optimisation and maintenance services and the type of CRM they use.

Keep these points in mind when selecting design companies in Sydney, as this will determine the kind of work you can expect.

The Benefits of Design Companies in Sydney

Now that you know what to look for in a design company, here are some benefits you can look forward to once you finally decide on one:

● Brand image: As mentioned earlier, you likely envision the look of your brand identity. Using those with industry knowledge will ensure the perfect execution of your ideas          while looking professional and aesthetically pleasing as well. If you don't have a specific idea in mind, we can guide you through the process to find one which best suits your            company.
● Easy navigation: A visually attractive website draws potential clients in, but effortless navigation is what keeps them on your site. Establish possible future clients through seamless platform navigation that makes it easy for them to find what they need.
● Easy-to-read format: While people enjoy looking at visually appealing websites and other materials used with businesses, finding information quickly is just as important. People prefer not to read lengthy pieces of content that are difficult to find, and that is where design companies come in. We can design your website to provide all the relevant information in an easily digestible way.

Keep a competitive edge over other companies in your industry through a cutting edge website that replays information and looks good while doing so.

About Pico Creative

Pico Creative is a Sydney-based innovative, creative agency that focuses on several aspects of design, including print, digital, branding and other services, to completely transform the look and feel of your business.

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